The principal innovations of COMFOR-SUDOE are the following:

Methodological processes

characterisation of complex forests, natural capital accounting, formation and social significance of such forests.

Innovative techniques

use of combined aerial and terrestrial LiDAR technologies and multispectral images for the monitoring of complex forests).

Management strategies

methods of transformation and diversification of structures and design of mixed plantations and policy (intelligent information systems).

COMFOR SUDOE seeks to adopt intelligent information management measures that favour the diversification of forest structures, favouring complex (mixed and irregular) forests and mixed plantations, using LiDAR technologies and 3D mapping, promoting the intelligent specialisation of SUDOE’s forest management. To this end, it is proposed:

  • The creation of the Joint Experimental Network of demonstration sites of mixed forest plantations in SUDOE for a better transfer of knowledge.
  • Development of growth models for mixed and unregulated forests using open source technologies.
  • Mapping and evaluation of ecosystem services rendered and risks to heterogeneous forests in SUDOE.
  • Analysis of the social perception of mixed forests.
  • SUDOE practical guide on the creation, management and conservation of mixed and irregular forests and mixed plantations.

Credits: images by Marjatta Cajan, Miss Orphelia, and Imagii from Pixabay.