COMFOR-SUDOE – Annual Meeting

IEFC 69 route d'Arcachon, Cestas-Pierroton

The COMFOR SUDOE annual meeting organised by IEFC, will be held in Cestas-Pierroton on 29-30 November. This is an internal event for COMFOR partners (29th November) and the COMFOR-FORMIX workshop (30th November). Field discussions will be open to external participants the 30th of November. The first day is dedicated to the presentation of the main deliverables, products, dissemination and results. The second day will focus on field discussions related to […]

COMFOR-SUDOE final meeting

National Museum of Natural Sciences – CSIC , Espagne

The COMFOR SUDOE final meeting organised by the National Museum of Natural Sciences – CSIC, will be held in Madrid on 13-14 April 2023. The first day will be dedicated to the Symposium on Complex Forests and Mixed Species Plantations. The second day will be an internal event dedicated to the presentation of the main […]