Complex Forest Gallery

SUDOE needs healthy and functional forests that guarantee the provision of goods and services for rural and urban society. COMFOR-SUDOE seeks to promote complex (mixed and irregular) forests and multi-species plantations as a resilient and adaptive alternative to threats such as global change and biodiversity decline. These types of forests can increase, and in many cases, improve the potential quality of ecosystem services compared to other more simplified forest systems. Research in the SUDOE domain should help inform policies and intelligent management measures that promote the diversification of forest structures, ensuring knowledge transfer and support for transnational research, development and innovation.

The project has five specific objectives:


Evaluate the social and economic value of the ecosystem services (biomass for energy, quality wood, carbon sequestration, habitat improvement and reduction of abiotic and biotic risks) provided by mixed plantations and irregular forests in SUDOE.


Create a joint experimental network of mixed and irregular forests and plantations in SUDOE. Capacity building and knowledge transfer.


Develop an intelligent information management  strategy for mixed  plantations and irregular forests in SUDOE.


Encourage intelligent information management in the field of environmental services (risk management and biodiversity protection) and energy from renewable sources (biomass) in SUDOE, through knowledge networking, innovation and scientific exchange. Promote the technological value of complex forests (mixed and irregular) and mixed plantations as local assets of SUDOE.


Strengthen the transnational research and innovation synergy and network patnerships in specific sectors in SUDOE based on intelligent information management.

Credits: images by Florian Pircher, Pasja 1000, Franz Dürschmied, and Julien Roudier from Pixabay.